Bartender Sends Crowd Into Meltdown With This Insane Jagerbomb Trick

Jagerbomb trick

Pure skills.

Jagerbombs are pretty much a staple of a solid night out these days, and you almost certainly are going to buy a couple when you grab them because nobody likes doing a Jagerbomb on their own – that’s just sad.

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Therefore, it makes sense that bartenders are going to come up with some special trick for when someone orders a bunch of Jagerbombs and this German guy seems to have it nailed because his way of serving them is absolutely insane. Probably best not to describe it and just watch it because you’re gonna be a bit confused about what’s going on, but when the payoff comes it’s all worth it:

Wow. That guy has some serious skills. I wonder how long it too him to perfect that? There’s no way he wasn’t practicing for hours and hours to get it down so perfectly right? Definitely worth it though.

For more of the same, check out this guy attempting to down the world’s biggest Jagerbomb. Pathetic.


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