A Barber Shaved A ‘Play’ Icon Into A Man’s Head After Being Shown A Paused Video


Looking good.

Everyone has that problem when you go to the barbers and they say something like ‘do you want X Y Or Z?’ and you just agree and nod because you don’t really understand what they’re saying, but I don’t know if it’s ever resulted in quite such a ridiculous hairstyle as the one featured in this article.

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Chinese entertainment blogger Tian Xiu Bot went in for a haircut on December 30th and showed the barber a paused video of the haircut that he wanted. The barber – probably wanting to be as weird and annoying as possible – asked him if he wanted the triangles left in and Bot didn’t understand what he meant and didn’t want to cause a fuss so just agreed. 

Unfortunately for him, the ‘triangles’ meant the play button that had come up on the video meaning that the barber shaved a couple of play symbols into the side of his head and he now looks like a bit of a major twat. Whoops.

Obviously this picture has gone massively viral over in China, with about 20,000 people sharing it and 70,000 people commenting about it. Maybe it’ll be a new trending haircut this year as I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before, but I’m guessing that it’ll probably be consigned to the trash heap fairly soon as it really is that awful. Forget about it.

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