A Bar Is Using Facial Recognition Technology To Determine Who Is Next In The Queue

Finally a worthwhile use of facial recognition technology.

Everyone can agree that there’s nothing more annoying than waiting in line at the bar and then some prick jumps in front of you because the bartender has no clue who is next and most people would probably say that there are no overwhelming benefits of facial recognition technology either. Are you seeing where this is going?

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5CC Harrild & Sons Cocktail Bar in London has decided to solve the problem of waiting in line for the bar by using facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to figure out who has been waiting the longest and getting them served first. An internet connected webcam will keep tabs on new arrivals and assign you a number on the screen in correlation for where you are in the line, enabling the bartender to know who is next and serve you immediately.

Bosses are already claiming that it’s helping to reduce wait times and keep everyone moving swiftly along. There are plans from the company behind it DataSparQ to roll it out in pubs nationwide within the coming year, as well as introducing a feature where you can rack up a tab through your face rather than handing your card over.

Here’s what DataSparQ managing director John Wyllie had to say about it:

We are in talks with pub owners to roll out the technology nationwide in the next year.

We are expecting it to start in bars and progress to music festivals.

When each session ends, as well as the IDs and images being deleted locally, they are also deleted from the cloud.

Nothing is ever permanently stored and cannot be cross-referenced anywhere else.

I mean it sounds pretty much perfect doesn’t it? Next year can’t come soon enough.

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