New Banksy Unveiled Then Quickly Removed In Central London

Authorities are having a hard time removing this one.

Banksy unveiled his latest piece in London’s Knightsbridge earlier today on a building opposite the French embassy, and as usual it caused a bit of a commotion.

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Check it out:

It appears to criticise the use of teargas on Syrian refugees in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp (where Banksy unveiled his last piece) and also, for the first time ever in a Banksy piece, contained a QR code that led to this YouTube video of French police attacking the ‘Jungle’ with teargas and rubber bullets:

Workers for Cheval Property Management Ltd (who own the building where the mural was plastered) tried to remove the board that the artwork was placed on but were having a hard time doing so. Instead they just covered it up until someone figures out what to do about it:

I guess just leaving it up is out of the question?

Check out all of Banksy’s best work in animated .GIF form HERE.


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