The Guy Who Paid £50,000 To French Kiss Liz Hurley Really Didn’t Make The Most Of It

What a wasted effort.

Julian Bharti, the son of a billionaire banker, dropped £50,000 on a kiss with Elizabeth Hurley at Elton John’s annual ball in Windsor on Thursday night. Liz Hurley is still amazingly hot, even at 50, so you’d think Bharti would make the most of his once in a lifetime dream kiss that he just splashed a small fortune on:

Instead he’s played it all casual like with his hand in his pocket and the other hand hovering nervously off Liz Hurley’s butt. I don’t care if you’re the heir to a billionaire banker’s throne and you make £50,000 in one day, that was literally your one shot at nailing a kiss with Liz Hurley and I don’t think we can say you gave it your all. Need both hands on the butt until her security team come in with the tasers and shut you down. Not exactly a Dan Bilzerian type when it comes to utilising his dad’s hard earned cash.


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