There Was A Bank Holiday Brawl At Broadstairs Beach In Kent


Been posting a lot of videos about how people in America have seemingly decided the pandemic is over and headed out to pool parties and bars over the Memorial Day weekend, but that isn’t to say people over here were completely safe is it, even though most of us were observing the unbelievable Dominic Cummings scandal in real time – of course they weren’t.

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The action on this one has come in from Broadstairs Beach in Kent were a massive brawl managed to kick off between a bunch of people, despite the fact we’re supposed to be social distancing and not being anywhere near one another. It’s not really clear what’s going on from the footage, but apparently some disgruntled parents were unhappy with the behaviour of another group in front of their children.

Guess they were even more stoked when it turned into a massive scrap between all of them:

I mean that’s probably one of the lamest ‘brawls’ of all time, but I still find it pretty unbelievable that some idiots from his country can still find stuff to fight about, even in the midst of a global pandemic when it’s the first time that they’ve really been let out of their houses in the past couple of months. Surely they should be happy and buzzing and not trying to pick faults at other people and kick three shades of shit out of them? Never gonna get any better over, is it?

For more of the same, check out some more brawls from the same bank holiday weekend three years ago. Slightly less rawkus.


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