Bank Holiday Carnage: Photos Show Drunk British Parties Descend Into Chaos

Blackpool carnage

Booze, brawls and bile.

It’s currently the bank holiday and it’s also summer, meaning that there’s only one thing UK residents have been doing and that is getting wasted beyond belief. It’s the British way.

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Anyway, one place that was particularly rowdy was Blackpool, where people celebrated the three-day weekend by causing chaos. Photos that have emerged in the aftermath show women fighting in the street, a man lying in his own vomit and several people being escorted away by the police. Classy.

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Looks like it was a busy night for the police. Blackpool – you have outdone yourself.

If you’ve had a decent bank holiday and you’re hanging out of your arse today, here are 20 incredible sandwiches that’ll sort you out. You’re welcome.


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