Bam Margera Recounts A Story About How He Got So Drunk He Woke Up To A Woman Raping Him

Bam Margera

The most unlikely victim of sexual abuse yet.

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct flying around Hollywood at the moment, it’s no surprise that more and more stories are emerging, but I doubt any of us thought that the next person to come out with one would be Bam Margera.

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The former Jackass star was appearing on some kind of podcast when he decided to recount a story about when he was raped by a woman. You might think that it’s impossible for that to happen but Bam makes it pretty clear in his story that that isn’t the case:

Damn that doesn’t sound like it was too great of a way to wake up, although Bam doesn’t seem particularly traumatised about it like all the other victims that have recently spoken up about their experiences. Not sure if that makes the whole story worse or better though. Tough one.

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