Bam Margera’s Story Of The Worst Thing A ‘Jackass’ Fan Ever Did Will Make You Vom

Bam Margera

A step too far.

During the early 2000s, ‘Jackass’ became a worldwide hit and as a result, it had young, dumb teenagers around the country attempting to pull stupid stunts all in the name of visual comedy.

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It’s no surprise that one of the show’s main stars, Bam Margera, had fans attempting to impress him with their own stunt-pulling skills. The success of the show had people doing all kinds of shit (my personal favourite was watching my brother playing vinyl boomerang… if you know, you know).


But I don’t think I’ve heard anything like what one girl did to Bam. In a recent interview he told the story of the absolute grossest thing he’d even seen a ‘Jackass’ fan do. Seriously, be prepared – I read it on an empty stomach and it made my insides flip:

I did one signing where I ate somethin’ with a bunch of tomatoes in it right before. We did the signing and I was sipping on Coronas. I guess I drank too much and I threw up this mix of Corona and tomatoes. Right afterwards this fucking hot chick jumped out of the line and sucked it all up. It wasn’t a Jackass stunt, it was like, I want Bam’s throw up in my body! It was fucking weird. That was the gnarliest thing, and she was cute too and that was more mind boggling. She sucked up my throw up not as a dare, she just did it because she wanted it inside of her.

Wow. I hope for her sake that she got laid or at least a cheeky fumble with Bam. Although if that did happen, then she could’ve had him “inside” of her without having to huff a load of vom. Seriously gross.

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We’ve been hearing a lot about Bam recently and for once (in recent times anyway) it’s good news. He’s finally back on a skateboard and he’s still got it. Thank fuck for that.


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