Police Officer Beats The Absolute Crap Out Of Suspect After He Screams In His Face (VIDEO)

Bit OTT.

A Baltimore cop was suspended over the weekend after a video of him going Mike Tyson mode on a mouthy suspect went viral.

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Two officers had stopped Dashawn McGrier, 26, after a tip off. They had let him go, but apparently he wouldn’t stop running his mouth, so they went back again to have a word with him.

In the video the cop pushes Dashawn against the wall and Dashawn appears to smack his hand away and is in the middle of saying “don’t touch me, you pussy” when the cop completely loses his cool:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh issued this statement:

Just a bad day at the office for that cop? Seems like he rolled out of the wrong side of the bed for sure. Dashawn was being a bit difficult but he wasn’t that bad (from what we see anyway), and he doesn’t even fight back once he’s hit. Seems our suspended cop has some issues he might need to work through before he’s on the beat again. 

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