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Bagel Heading is a mental new body modification craze in Japan that makes you look as if you’ve had a bagel inserted in your forehead. No joke. The only thing ranker than the actual look is how it’s created.

Body modification is kind of weird however you look at it and I used to have my lip pierced so I’m perhaps more open minded about it than most people. I don’t really get a lot of it but I can see why people would do some of it because it does look kinda cool. I don’t get why anyone would want to look like this though and embark on ‘bagel heading.’ Yeah apparently that’s what it’s actually called. In case this leaves you in any doubt over what actually happens in this process it goes down like this. Basically in Japan, instead of taking botox to look younger or wearing skinny jeans or a check shirt to look hipper, hipsters have taken to injecting saline into their foreheads and then pushing down on the bump that is produced from the reservoir of saline that forms so that an indentation is created that looks as if a bagel has been inserted into the person’s forehead.

No, I am not making this up, it is 100% true. People over in Japan are injecting saline into their foreheads, modelling it and then hitting the club/bar scene and people think it looks really good. To me it just looks completely rank – hey maybe now I’m a bit older I’m automatically a conservative or something? – but I seriously can’t understand why people would want to look like they had a bagel in their forehead? I mean piercings do look cool (and girls love them) but what the hell looks cool about having a bagel underneath your skin on your forehead? Can anyone help me out with that one?

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It’s been going on since 2008 in Japan apparently but has only really come to the attention of the West thanks to a National Geographic show called Taboo which decided to feature it. Sick Chirpse has a clip of the show below that shows the Japanese hipsters getting a needle injected into their forehead, which is pretty gross so maybe don’t watch it if you’re squeamish. Following this,  their forehead bulges and grows which is again kinda gross and makes you feel all icky in your stomach. The person getting the injection describes it as a ‘dripping, stinging feeling that is kinda relaxing – a building pressure that feels like it is putting me to sleep.’ Again, just typing that sentence made me feel gross.

The video also reveals that these people have to sit in a chair with a saline drip dripping saline into their forehead for a couple of hours before they have enough in there to perfect the look. Again, that sounds like a horrible time. Especially considering that the effects only last for 16-24 hours. That’s how long it takes for your body to absorb all that saline. Ewww. I mean if I was going to spend a few hours getting a badass tattoo that would totally be worth it because I would have it FOREVER, but a couple of hours having saline pumped into my forehead to look like a moron for 24 hours? No, I don’t think that is worth it. It also brings up the question of how the hell did anyone find out about this technique in the first place? For once I’m at a complete loss for words about the whole thing.

Later on in the video, you see the Bagel Head artist use his thumb to create that cool looking (!?!?!?) indentation as the woman/man (I’m not sure if this person is a man trying to be a woman or just a guy with bad dress sense and a woman’s voice) says it feels like someone is ‘pressing down into her brain.’ Again, the appeal is lost on me. Everyone in the video seems to love it though as they cheer and giggle and tell her/him it looks ‘really cute.’ They probably head straight to the club to dance to some ironic post techno or something afterwards.

This is weird right!?!

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It’s totally nuts.

There are a bunch more pictures of Bagel Heads on the next pages. Are you into it?

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