Here are some pictures from the wedding of the century.

Having read Body Art front to back the other week, I now feel like I have a firm grounding in the subculture of body modification and piercing and whatever so I figured I might as well share these hilarious photographs with you. Elaine Davidson – who I can’t remember being mentioned in Body Art, but maybe they’re saving her profile for one of the sequels – is the world’s most pierced woman and has over 7000 piercings all over her body, including 192 in her face and 1500 internal piercings. I don’t really know what internal piercings are but they sound gross. In contrast, her husband is a balding retired civil servant with no piercings at all. His name is Douglas Watson. Here’s some pics from the wedding; Elaine wore a flowing white gown and floral tiara, with her green face and piercings visible but Douglas kept it slightly more low-key wearing a suit from Mark’s and Spencer’s. Cute.

But how did this unlikely couple first come to meet each other and why would they decide to marry each other? I’m sure you’re all dying to know. Douglas Watson reveals all: ‘People see the piercings but I see the amazing personality underneath. We have known each other for a long time. We met in a coffee shop in Glasgow 15 years ago and got chatting. We connected straight away and have been together ever since. Elaine looked astonishing today.’ Astonishing, yeah. That’s one way to put it. Douglas continued by stating his opinion on the piercings and body modification: ‘I am always amazed by the effect her piercings have on people. She’s an incredible woman. People think its unconventional but that is the woman she is and people love her for it.’ Sounds like they’re due for a long and happy marriage. Who knows, maybe Douglas himself will jump on the piercing bandwagon?

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