This Paedo Babysitter Did The Most Disgusting Thing With Her Client’s Son


How is this even possible?

Another day, another adult in a position of responsibility that just can’t resist having sex with an underage child.

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This time we’re in Rhyl, North Wales where 19-year-old Deleah Poulton had sex more than 70 times and gave blow jobs to a 13-year-old boy who she had been paid to babysit. Poulton told the court that she was in love with the boy and that the feelings were mutual, and to be fair if they had sex with each other 70 times then they probably were. Poulton would also buy alcohol for the both of them to get licked up when she was babysitting.

Despite this though, Poulton has been given a 16-month sentence in a young offenders’ institute. Judge Nicolas Parry had the following to say:


There is often an assumption that offences of this nature are not as serious when the defendant was female and the victim was male. In fact, the law quite properly draws no such distinction.

You abused the trust the family had put in her to look after the boy and his siblings.

Your personal gratification came above any thought for the welfare of the young boy involved.

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Told. I suppose you kind of have to feel sorry for Poulton being labelled as a paedophile for the rest of her life as it seems like she was genuinely in love with this kid. She was only five years older than the kid when all this went down and although it is kinda weird, if he was a couple of years older then nobody would really bat an eyelid about it.

The law is the law though and it’s there for a reason, so she does need to be punished for it. I wonder if the two of them will stay together and continue when she’s out of the young offender’s home and he’s 16?

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