The Moronic Couple Who Planned A 7/7 Anniversary London Terror Attack Have Been Jailed For Life

7:7 Anniversary Bombers

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We brought you news the other day of this moronic couple wanting to celebrate the 7/7 London terror attacks by bombing somewhere in London, but got caught when they tweeted about it loads like absolute idiots.

The pair were found guilty this week and they’ve just received their sentences: 25-year-old Mohammed Rehman has been given a life sentence with a 27 year minimum sentence, whilst his ex-wife 24-year-old Sana Ahmed Khan has also received a life sentence with 25 years minimum. The couple – who were separated in the dock by policemen – both stood expressionless as they were sentenced. They had both denied any wrongdoing.

Silent Bomber Tweet

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Mr Justice Baker said they both posed a significant risky to the public and the jury found them unanimously guilty. Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC told the court the following:

This pair were behind an advanced plot to manufacture and detonate a substantial explosive device in a crowded and confined public space.

Mohammed Rehman was an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of violent extremist Islamist ideology who keenly applied himself to making bombs and gathering all the necessary material to do just that.

He talked freely about martyrdom on the Internet, his preparations were almost complete and his intentions were clear.

But for the intervention of the counter terrorism officers at the end of May, this plot would have been carried out.

It’s fair enough really and we’ve got to be thankful that these clowns were so stupid as to openly put their plans for terrorist attacks on the internet, otherwise we definitely wouldn’t be laughing about this now. Let’s hope more terrorists start doing that so it’s easier to stop them.

If you want the full details about their ridiculous social media campaign, click here.


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