Azealia Banks Went On An Unprovoked Racist Rant At Zayn Malik For No Real Reason

Azealia Banks In Concert - New York, NY

She’s a disgusting human being really.

Azealia Banks is no stranger to being a twat on Twitter – remember when she had a vicious Twitter fight with Eastenders actress Alison Newman over LGBT rights? – But she’s really outdone herself on this one, going in hard and being pretty goddamn racist on Zayn Malik for no real reason.

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It all started when Azealia stuck up this Instagram post accusing Zayn of ripping off her new video, which she does kind of have a point about in fairness:

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Following that, Zayn came out with the following two tweets, which weren’t necessarily directed at Azealia Banks but could easily have been construed as being aimed towards her:

And that’s exactly how Azealia decided to view them, because boy did she go crazy at Zayn over it in one of the most unashamedly racist and downright weird rants I think we’ve ever seen from anyone on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 16.34.40

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 16.34.50

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Whoa. Even when Zayn tried to calm her down by explaining that his tweets weren’t even aimed at her (I suppose we have no way of knowing whether or not this is actually true, but hey thanks for trying at least), she simply wasn’t having it:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 16.35.09

She then went on a rant at Capital Radio too. Hey why not I suppose?

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 16.35.17

Wow yeah I mean all that stuff is out there and the kind of stuff that nobody should be saying, let alone a celebrity with 558K followers. Pretty trashy and disgusting behaviour from her there right? Gotta be one of the worst role models ever.

It seems like justice has been swiftly served though (for once) as Born And Bred Festival in London have already announced that they’ve cancelled Azealia Banks’ scheduled performance as its headliner this summer, stating that ‘it’s a celebration of rave culture and has been created for everyone’.  Fair play, let’s hope other festivals/venues etc follow their example.

For more misunderstandings involving Zayn Malik, remember when The Huffington Post accidentally confused him with an ISIS fighter?


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