Azealia Banks Has Vicious Twitter Fight With Eastenders Actress After Branding LGBT Community ‘The Gay KKK’

Azealia Banks Alison Newman

Most random beef of the century?

Azealia Banks isn’t exactly one to keep her opinions to herself – as her beef with Iggy Azalea shows – and she was at it again over the weekend when she got into it with Eastenders’ actress Alison Newman over comments she made towards the LGBT community.

It all started when Azealia tweeted the following comment, which has since been deleted:

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Which resulted in Alison Newman replying to a tweet for Charlie Condou, which led to the following exchange which very quickly escalated (sorry about the doubles and replies in here but they were tweeting each other so much it was hard to keep a track):

Alison then went quiet on the matter, but Azealia banks didn’t let it lie, returning to insult her again a few hours later, as well as attempting to justify her opinions:

Well, I think if we learned anything from this it’s probably that Azealia Banks shouldn’t be allowed to run her own Twitter account and tweets way too much. Whilst people may argue that she has some kind of point with what she’s saying, the fact that she chose to completely rinse a woman for looking old in her profile picture kind of ruined any respect anyone had for her and made her whole argument pretty much invalid.

Nice one. The fact that she continued to relentlessly target Alison Newman – who didn’t really even say anything even a quarter as insulting to her – just makes her look like the idiot ghetto rapper that she probably is.

However dumb this was though, it wasn’t as stupid as the time C-list footballers Leon Knight and Jamie O’Hara got in beef about the latter’s girlfriend via Twitter. Sometimes I’m so glad it was invented.


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