Huffington Post Apologises After Suggesting That Zayn Malik Is A Member Of ISIS

Is there a chance this is actually true?

The Huffington Post got a ton of grief on Friday after they used a photo of Zayn Malik in a Tweet to promote an article titled “What ISIS Wants”.

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While Malik is mentioned in the article, the use of the photo caused people on social media to go nuts as they thought it suggested that Malik — who happens to be Muslim — is involved with the terrorist group:

The article discusses the “gray zone of coexistence” between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Western World, and Malik is used as an example of a famous Muslim who rejects the ideologies of radical Islam in favour of Western culture.


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No harm done in the end I suppose, although this does make you think — what if Zayn Malik is involved with ISIS? After all, he did just happen to leave One Direction completely out of the blue, while they were more popular than ever. Pretty suspicious behaviour if you ask me. When you leave the most famous boy band in history to go off and hang out with Naughty Boy (or so he says) then you’re probably up to no good. We’re watching you Malik.


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