Azealia Banks Dug Up Her Dead Cat And Cooked It On Instagram Live

Disturbing behaviour.

Lockdown and the events of the last year sure have taken their mental toll on everyone, but I’m not sure if anyone has been quite as affected as Azealia Banks given by her absolutely crazy behaviour on Instagram Live just where she dug up her dead cat from her garden and then cooked it for the whole world to see.

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The video was uploaded to her Instagram account and was followed by one that appeared to be the skeleton of her cat Lucifer after it had been cooked, along with Azealia saying ‘she’s ready’. Some people are speculating that Azealia was performing some kind of weird voodoo ritual to allow Lucifer to pass onto the next life without any negative energies present in her dead body, but who knows really?

I suppose it’s a nicer take on this weird video than what anyone else is saying right now. This is pretty disturbing and messed up so be warned before you take a look at it. Kinda hoping you didn’t need me to tell you that though considering it’s a video of someone digging up a dead cat and cooking it.

Yeah. What the heck is all that about? It’s worth noting that the videos have been deleted off Banks’ Instagram now, but obviously they’re all over Twitter and the wider internet and a lot of questions are being asked of her right now.

Not really sure she’ll be able to come up with any satisfactory answers here though to be honest. How can anyone possibly justify doing this, let alone live streaming it as well? Really messed up.

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