Azealia Banks Has Leaked Text Messages Of Her And Grimes Bodyshaming And Laying Into Each Other

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They were fighting over Elon Musk.

I don’t think anything weirder happened last year than when Grimes started dating Elon Musk and suddenly became involved in some weird beef with Azealia Banks about not turning up to write songs with her because she was doing acid with Elon Musk. I don’t remember the details, but it was freaking weird.

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I thought that was all in the past now since Elon Musk and Grimes seem to have split up and Azealia Banks seemed to have moved onto better things, but it all came back to light this week when it turned out that they had both been subpoenaed to testify against Musk in a lawsuit revolving around a tweet where he appeared to say that he was taking Tesla private at $420. This was actually a joke tweet to impress Grimes because you know 420 and weed, but apparently his many investors didn’t take too kindly to it and are now suing him. That’s not so good.

Anyway, for some reason Azealia thought this would be a good opportunity to leak a text convo between her and Grimes where they diss each other’s clothes, weight, drug habits and pretty much everything else in between. They even seem to be fighting over Elon Musk and who he wants to bang at one point as well? The whole thing is just really weird basically:

Yeah I mean I guess it’s good to know that celebrities still bitch and moan at each other like everyone else in the world, but it’s kinda strange that Azealia Banks would just leak this to the whole world via her Instagram story? Literally don’t see an advantage to that, unless she wants everyone in the world to think that both her and Grimes are twats because that’s what’s happening lady.

Gotta admit that some of the disses were pretty good, especially the ‘you don’t even have bone marrow sis’ one. Can respect both of these girls know how to trade shots, but they both definitely both come across like major dickheads.

Interested to see where this will go though. It’s got an almost technological Shakespearean vibe to it – which is probably a fair description of how at least some of these characters are trying to manifest themselves as – so we might end up with one of them killing another one of them for all we know. Or at least dumping them and maybe having a bizarre three way somewhere down the road. Don’t rule anything out here.

If you wanna read about that original beef between them, click here. Such a weird situation.


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