Sick Chirpse Interviews Showgirl Ayesha Hussain

Sick Chirpse speaks to model/ photographer/ savantish circus and cabaret aficionado Ayesha Hussain about the freak show life.

Ayesha H is crushing life right now. The South London born-and-bred former Playboy bunny is just back from tour in South Africa where she was stealing hearts with a crack of her whip and a twerk of her outrageously shapely butt.

Her Twitter bio reads ‘Snake mum, Model, Photographer, Classic and Philosophy Graduate, Savantish Circus and Cabaret Aficionado’, the most latter of which she demonstrated on stage at Proud, Camden the other week when she sexually emasculated our intern in front of a sold out audience. But we promised the lad – whose dick remains limper than a pasta noodle a week later – that we wouldn’t go into that.

So what’s it like to be a jet-setting, fire-breathing, snake charming freak show in this day and age? Sick Chirpse hit Ayesha up to find out.

Sick Chirpse: Hey Ayesha, hope we didn’t hurt your feelings by calling you a Freak Show. What title do you usually go by?

Ayesha H: Well frankly, it’s the easiest way to explain exactly what I do to the general public… But no… you are right, my feelings are hurt.

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