The Axe Wielding Jihadi Slayer Abu Azrael Has Returned To Drive ISIS Out Of The City Of Fallujah

Abu Azazel

He’s had an upgrade to his traditional weaponry too.

We featured an article on the axe wielding ‘Iraqi Rambo’ Abu Azrael six months ago, where we revealed that he loved brutally attacking ISIS soldiers and chopping them up with an axe and being an all round badass pretty much.

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Since then he’s been playing it pretty low key, but he’s apparently rejoined the fight against ISIS as he and his Shi’ite Militia, the Imam Ali Brigade, are joining the current siege on the ISIS held city of Fallujah. However, as you’ll see in the video below, he’s ditched his traditional axe for a more modern firearm as he’s pummelling the frontline with some kind of badass artillery cannon. Would you expect anything less?

Azrael has promised to pulverise ISIS and it looks like he’s well on his way with his mission if that video is anything to go by.

His return is a welcome bonus to the government forces that are also laying into the city of Fallujah. It’s ISIS’s largest ever military battle in order to keep a hold of the city and all reports at the moment are that they’re currently losing it pretty hard. Apparently they’ve even resorted to using innocent men and women as human shields as they’re so desperate. 4000 civilians have also fled the city because the fighting is so bad so it doesn’t sound like there will be anything left when the dust settles.

But hey at least ISIS might be driven further back again? Sounds like they’re on the ropes recently, especially if this is anything to go by.


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