Awesome Pieces Of Watermelon Art

Awesome Watermelon Art

Clive Cooper is back and his watermelon art is better than ever.

We’ve featured Canadian Clive Cooper and his watermelon art on the site before a while ago, but it turns out he’s got way more new watermelon sculptures so we had to return to him and feature them on the site again.

It usually takes him about 6 hours to carve a watermelon like the ones you see below, and what’s worse is that the watermelon normally shrivels up and dies after about a day of looking like this anyway. Still, that’s more than enough time for Clive to get a badass photograph of them, although I’m not sure if he makes any money from his sculptures or whether he just does them because they look sick and he can. Either way, he’s still a killer.

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Watermelon Art 1

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