Awesome Watermelon Art

viking watermelon

Watermelons are dudes, really good for curing a hangover and for sticking your cock into. But they can be used to create tekkerz pieces of art, too. Check it.

Watermelons are dudes. They’re much cooler than shit things like Dereck Chisora, running out of toilet paper, STD’s and Tulisa‘s blowjob technique. Watermelons are probably the best fruit out there – they sort a hangover right out and you can also drill a hole in them and shag them if you’re in a really bad way but I’d advise doing this only if you’re really desperate or really ugly, as the insides of a watermelon don’t really feel like shagging a real pussy and your cock gets really sticky after it and it can get pretty uncomfortable.

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But watermelons can be used for other things apart from curing a hangover and shagging. They’re also good for creating really tekkerz pieces of art, and a Canadian guy called Clive Cooper has really mastered his technique (unlike Tulisa) – creating really awesome pieces of art. Each time he carves into a watermelon, it takes him up to 6 hours to complete and the watermelon only lasts a day before it starts to shrivel up and die and lose its shape. Cooper’s got skillz, check the pictures out below and if you like what you see, check his website.





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