Awesome Videos From Russia With Love – Dance Off Edition

There’s not a human alive that doesn’t like watching videos of Russian people getting down to a good tune. So here’s a small collection for your perusal.

What’s better than looking at great photos of madcap Russians? Nothing, but I’ll tell you something that’s just as good: watching videos of Russians dancing. I spent a happy few hours trawling through the bowels of YouTube to find the best Russian dancing videos on earth. I was going to keep them for personal use, but I can’t be that selfish, I just had to share.

PS apologies for the random header photo, the pic was taken in Russia but it doesn’t really show any dancing does it? Basically, I saw it and thought of you so I popped it in there. I think it’s got the right vibe if nothing else.

Now, some of these videos are old and many of you may have had the good fortune to have watched them already, but I think I’ve found some hidden gems too. Some may be a little too long for people as busy as yourselves, so I’ve taken the liberty of adding my personal highlights for you to skip to if you are pushed for time. So here we go.

Russian Gentleman Of The Road

I’ve seen tramps dancing in videos quite a bit, not just from Russia but globally. It got me thinking: maybe as a tramp you so rarely hear music, that when you do get to hear a loud tune you simply can’t help but move your feet. That’s my theory on the matter. So here’s a tramp following a car and dancing. Highlight:

1:45 – our tramp de jour kicking off after the drop.

[yframe url=’’]

Russian Man Dances Like A Woman

I’m not a hater, I’m a realist, and in reality, if you’ve got a shape like that you should cover yourself up whilst dancing on the internet. Having said that, who am I to judge? Some people may be aroused by this type of thing, and I was certainly amused by it so he’s done something right. As for highlights it’s a bit tricky to say, but I liked this bit:

0:45 – his dance moves pick up and go supersonic. Hips a-go-go.

[yframe url=’′]

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