Awesome Supercut Of Superheroes Introducing Themselves


When a superhero first introduces himself in a movie it’s probably one of the most iconic scenes in the movie and will bring a smile to any fan’s face.

I’m a comic book geek so I might appreciate this more than most people, but superhero movies are big business these days so I’m sure that most people will enjoy this supercut I found. Basically, one of the best parts in every superhero movie – especially the origin ones where the superhero isn’t actually the superhero at the start of the movie – is where they introduce themselves for the first time. It’s just always a really iconic scene and everyone geeks out when it happens, and if it’s really really good it might even send shivers down your spine.

Screen Junkies have made this supercut of superheroes introducing themselves and it’s awesome. They’ve cut it from over 37 movies and all your favourites are in there – The Hulk, Captain America, Batman and even newer heroes like KickAss get an appearance. It’s great.

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