Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #36

What’s in store for you today?: cats, carpets, pigs, goats and bears. Where are we? Russia of course…

BOOM! Excellent mix of fixtures and fittings, what a scheme!:

Awesome Photos From Russia - carpet explosion

Children in Russia are brought up to be tough. Their playgrounds aren’t filled with big fluffy animals, they’re filled with metallic demons of all shapes and sizes:

Awesome Photos From Russia - creepy car

Joy to the world. I bloody love goats… and Russian grannies…

Awesome Photos From Russia - mad goat

No problem here, there were no spaces, so he made a space. That’s not destruction of property, that’s ingenuity… although there does appear to be some spaces available. I guess it wasn’t ingenuity after all. It was booze…

Awesome Photos From Russia - parking win

Is the guy with the stick provoking the bear or trying to get it down? Either way he’s in real danger of getting a fatal gnawing if he’s not careful.

Awesome Photos From Russia - pet bear tree

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