Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #26

This week we’ve got confusing tattoos, weird weddings, cloned cars, party prep and heroic hunters.

Everyone’s favourite Russian extravaganza reaches the ripe old age of 26 today. I remember when it was just a little girl… No time for misty eyed nostalgia though, let’s crack on.

Today we’ve got plenty of tattoos and a plethora of horrid wedding snaps, but first up, here’s how to prep for a Russian hoe down. Booze, pizza, fish. GO!:

Russia With Love - party prep

Now I’d like you to imagine you were having an enchanting romantic walk in the woods with a loved one when suddenly you came across this…

Russia With Love - crucify

He’s crucified birds FFS? I’m hoping they were dead before they went up there. But it’s pretty dark isn’t it?

I mean, I do like gherkins, but I’m not sure I like them that much…

Russia With Love - Tattoo pickle

Cool Russian prison tattoo shot from The 50’s:

Russia With Love - Tattoo prison

Putin? Really? OK…

Russia With Love - Tattoo putin 2

… although the West looks on Putin as a megalomaniac homophobe, he’s obviously got at least some followers on home soil…

Russia With Love - Tattoo putin

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