Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #23

Today’s Ruski shenanigans include a furry Russian fashion parade, Stacey off Eastenders, some cooking tips and a baby eating caviar.

This next photo is part of a military experiment. They try to find psychic ability in children at a young age, and then harness its use by the military. This is Henrietta, she can actually make chicks explode just by staring at them. They just burst right open.

Russia With Love - chick

Coolest hog in the country:

Russia With Love - chill pig

More festivities for you sir? The tree below is all the rage in Russia. It’s more subtle than a full tree and there’s less hoovering to be done.

Russia With Love - christmas

Colander cool.

Russia With Love - Cullendar

Below are some stills taken from the Russian equivalent of Master Chef. This was the winning dish:

Russia With Love - delicious

Beer battered cod.

Russia With Love - dont waste it

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