Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #20

Russia: It may be nippy, it may be cruel, but at least they know how to laugh at themselves.

This is a wedding apparently. Not exactly the most romantic of settings, but I guess it’s cheap to rent. I’m not sure if many people would be happy to have a winky and a swastika in their wedding snaps. But like I say, it’s cheap.

Russia With Love - Wedding

I don’t care what it is, get rid of it.

Russia With Love - Weird Catch

I don’t know the story here. Maybe he has an infectious disease and isn’t allowed to see his newborn child? Maybe the balloons just carried him up there? I don’t know. Poignant though isn’t it?

Russia With Love - Weird Dad

You work it out:

Russia With Love - you figure it out

There we go. All done. Join us for #21 OK?

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