Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #20

Russia: It may be nippy, it may be cruel, but at least they know how to laugh at themselves.

Here’s your 20th slice of Russian pictorial wonder. It’s a mixed bag as ever so try to keep up if you can. We’ve got some social network wonders for you to digest, alongside some enchanting pictures of Russia’s daily grind and an upside down house in Moscow. So hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride.

Here’s a real life alien to get the shin dig started:

Russia With Love - alien

This is how the vibe goes down on the shores of lake Baikal. Baikal is in Siberia, so it’s well nippy, but these guys don’t care. It’s party time.

Russia With Love - Baikal holida

This could be a contender for the selfie Olympics, except someone else has taken the photo for him so it doesn’t count. Good balancing skills though.

Russia With Love - balance

Biggest dildo in the world. FACT:

Russia With Love - biggest dildo

You could get shot for graffiti like this:

Russia With Love - BOSS

Who has pet catfish? I mean, they’re ugly for starters?

Russia With Love - catfish

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