Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #19

Portion 19 of Russian japes brings you baby bears, bishops, boats and a black man playing a lute. And a wall carpet or two, of course.

Welcome to slice #19 of the pictorial version of the Russian holy grail. More awesome photos from Russia, selected and compiled with my love.

We’ll begins today’s transmission with a photo of a granny sporting an AK. That seems pretty appropriate:

Russia With Love - AK

Here’s happy couple, a bunch of baby bears and a wall carpet. Text book stuff.

Russia With Love - Baby Bears

Next I’ll show you a triumvirate of car fails. First the classic ‘on the roof’ woopsie:

Russia With Love - Car Crash

This next one doesn’t seem particularly jokes at first glance. Then you notice he’s done a body work repair job using silver electricians tape. It’s a tidy effort though.

Russia With Love - Car fix

If you don’t want your windscreen to freeze, pop your wall carpet on there. No one’s going to want to nick it are they? Genius.

Russia With Love - Carpet Car

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