Avril Lavigne Defending Nickelback Is The Lamest Twitter Rant Of All Time

Avril lavigne

Fighting a losing battle.

The Nickelback hating is coming in thick and fast these days. First this student published a scientific explanation as to why everyone despises the band and now a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found there is only one thing people hate more than Nickelback – and that’s Donald Trump.

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Singer Chad Kroeger’s ex Avril Lavigne should’ve been happy that they’ve actually managed to find someone more hated than the grunge band, but instead she went on a defensive Twitter rant, directing her hate at E! Online who published a satirical take on the study’s findings.

I think that last Tweet from her is a bit rich. #SpreadMoreLoveThanHate? How about stop spreading that utter bullcrap that you call music into the charts? Then maybe people would start being a little bit more “positive.”

Seriously though, she’s fighting a losing battle. One of the most hated pop singers in the world trying to defend the most hated band in the world – as South Park would probably put it, it’s like a giant douche trying to stick up for a turd sandwich.

And anyway, didn’t her and Chad get a divorce already? Maybe she wants the D back.

P.S. if you ever need a little hatred top up, just check out the video below:


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