Avengers: Endgame Is Getting A Post Credits Scene Two Weeks After Its Release


You might have to go and see it twice.

Everyone loves the post credits scenes in movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but even though Avengers: Endgame was the end of an era people were still kinda disappointed that it didn’t feature one.

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In fact, there was such an uproar about it it’s been decided that future screenings of the movie will feature a post credits scene now. Kinda.

Cinemas will now play the new trailer to Spiderman: Far From Home directly following the credits in Avengers: Endgame. That’s a bit of a cop out but they can’t show the trailer before it because it features major spoilers from the movie and so there isn’t really another appropriate time to screen it.

Of course, if you’ve already seen Endgame you might feel a bit hard done by, but you can just watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen it already. Don’t think you’re really missing out on that much by not seeing it in the cinema unless you’re some kind of weirdo who really cares about seeing trailers on the big screen for some reason:

That does look like it’s going to be really good doesn’t it? Not really sure what’s going on with Mysterio in that trailer though because obviously he’s a bad guy in the comic books and it doesn’t seem like he’s playing that role from what we saw above, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when it comes out.

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