Australian Weirdo Travelling To Royal Wedding To Stand In Bridal Dress And Try And Get Harry To Change His Mind

Australian Weirdo

She previously stole a kiss from him in 2015.

The Royal Wedding is (finally?) happening this weekend and as with any event that involves the Royal Family, the weirdos are coming out in force for it.

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People are expected to travel from all over the world to witness the monumental event. That’s because their lives are actually that so sad and pathetic that they can’t think of anything better to do except trek halfway across the world and spend loads of money on watching two people they’ve never met and who don’t even know who they are get married. By far and away the biggest loser that we’ve come across so far though is this woman from Australian named Victoria McRae, who once stole a kiss off Prince Harry in 2015 and is now flying all the way over from Australia to stand in a bridal dress outside Buckingham Palace to try and convince him not to marry Meghan Markle. Good luck with that one – let me know how that works out.

Here’s a video of Victoria kissing Prince Harry way back when and what she thinks about her current endeavour:

I’ll be wearing a wedding dress in case Prince Harry gets cold feet – I want to be ready.

I think I’ll take a big picture of us kissing just to remind everyone I had him first. Maybe he’ll see it and have a chuckle!

I mean you gotta worry about someone saying and doing these things haven’t you? For literally stealing a kiss off him, saying something like ‘I had him first’ is approaching the levels of stalker that you only see in bad Hollywood movies and this is before you even factor in the fact that she’s flown halfway across the world to try and disrupt his marriage.

If you ask me that’s just kind of weird/scary/demented. Prince Harry should probably put a restraining order out on her and tell security to immediately escort her from the vicinity when they spot her. Psycho.

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