Insane Australian Rules Football Brawl Involves Everyone On The Pitch; Goes On For Three Minutes

Berwick Vs Cranny Brawl 2007

When it comes to fighting, Australian rule footballers are definitely not pussies.

Australian rules football doesn’t really make any sense to me but boy it looks like they know how to brawl better than the pussies in real football judging by this video. I mean it’s way more brutal than the last shocking football brawl we saw. Of course it probably helps that you don’t get sent off immediately in Aussie rules football for behaviour like this but we’ll let that slide for now in this debate.

This is an old video of two teams called Berwick and Cranny who are getting absolutely stuck into each other during a match for some reason. There’s no noticeable reason for the fight but it seems pretty serious as it involves pretty much everyone on each team and goes on for about three minutes before it’s finally called off. It also doesn’t seem like there’s much of a crowd at the event, which makes it ben more bizarre. Berserk.

Watch out for the guy sucker punching someone who’s already KOed on the ground.

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