This Australian Kid Has The Greatest Mullet Of All Time

Australian Kid Greatest Mullet


Mullets are absolutely fantastic and there’s absolutely no denying that whatsoever.

Unfortunately though, mullets are becoming rarer and rarer so it’s always a special occasion when you actually find one in all its glory. However, it’s even harder to find a perfect mullet on a kid which is why we’ve lucked out that these Australian commentators managed to spot one such kid during a cricket match between The Thunder and The Sydney 6ers.

They’re clearly more excited by this kid’s appearance than the cricket because they can’t hide the elation in their voices as they’re talking about it. They even have to go back for another look after the crappy cricket play that they’re watching.

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I don’t really get why the kid looks so shocked and upset that he’s on the big screen – surely if he chooses to rock a hairstyle like that then he probably gets attention for it all the time right? This can’t exactly be a new experience for him, can it?

To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a viral sensation over in Australia and started advertising stuff like hair products and cricket balls. He’s basically got it all.

For a sad story about mullets, check out this tale of an Amish guy who got 15 years in prison for cutting off people’s beards and mullets against their own free will. True story.


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