Comedian Hamish Blake Experiences The Worst Pain A Human Can Suffer

Hamish Blake Worst Pain Known To Man

They’re called bullet ants and the toxins they release generate the worst pain a human is capable of experiencing.

Comedian Hamish Blake (who’s a pretty big deal in Australia) decided it would be a good idea to experience the worst pain that a human can actually experience for some reason, and travelled over to the Amazon rain forest to try out a tribe over there’s coming of age ritual.

It involved putting on some massive gloves that were full of bullet ants. The toxins released in a bullet ant’s bite generate the worst pain a human can actually suffer and it looks fucking painful from this video, as Hamish can’t stop shaking and screaming after about one second of having his hands inside the gloves. This unfortunately went on for about eight hours and doesn’t look like it got any less painful for the duration of that either.

Painful, but is it as painful as the most painful execution method ever?


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