Watch This Australian Construction Worker Pull A Nail Out Of His Mate’s Finger

Nail In Finger

He has to clamp the hand down to stop it moving because it’s so painful.

If I could go through my life without ever getting a nail stuck in my finger then that would be just great.

Unfortunately though, not everyone is going to be that lucky – however, you might be lucky enough to have some awesome friends around you when you do that, an then they can pull it out for you with the minimum of effort. This Australian guy was fortunate enough to be so lucky.

Well, kinda. It looks like it’s an extremely painful manoeuvre as the dude has to get his hand clamped down to a post to stop it moving whilst the other guy pulls the nail out of his finger with a pair of pliers. Ouch!

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Jesus. No thanks at all. Although it looks super painful, in fairness the guy with the nail stuck through his hand getting it pulled out doesn’t seem to be in that much agony, but maybe he’s just keeping it together so he looks hard when the video goes viral. It did go viral.

Anyway, none of that for me. Check out this guy who got a three inch nail through his eyeball and somehow survived.


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