Aussie Reporters Attacked Live On Air, Have Equipment Stolen As They Cover Protests In London (VIDEO)

Welcome to London.

Peaceful protests around London continue to be hijacked by a minority of people who are only there to raise hell and make everybody else look bad, and two Australian journalists have now found themselves in the crossfire.

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Nine News’ Europe correspondent, Ben Avery, was covering the Black Lives Matter protest with his cameraman when this happened:

Pretty funny how at 0:52 the reporter unironically says, “It’s good to see the police there now”, as if that’s gonna make a difference.

Earlier on, his colleague Sophie Walsh was grabbed by a man who made stabbing motions at her:

What a mess. Fortunately the vast majority of Londoners and protesters around the world are decent and peaceful but this is the stuff that’s always going to make the news and end up undermining the Black Lives Matter movement and make the situation worse.

Unfortunately I don’t think these troublemakers care about how harmful and counter-productive their actions are, because at the end of the day they’re not out there for George Floyd or to fight racism or improve society. They’ve just found the perfect opportunity to go out and act like idiots, no doubt spurred on even more by the fact we’ve been on lockdown the last few months.

For footage of UK police being attacked by protesters in central London yesterday, click HERE.


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