Woman Saves Young Girl From Alleged Rapist & Abduction Attempt In South London (VIDEO)

Call 999 if you recognise this guy.

Footage of an attempted abduction in Mitcham, South London, this morning has been shared widely today as police hunt the suspect.

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A woman intervened and managed to rescue the young girl from inside an alleyway located on North Place at around 7am:

Thank God that woman was there and so much respect to her for possibly saving that girl’s life. That takes serious courage to put yourself at risk like that. She later described the incident on Facebook:

As she says, if you know or recognise this guy, do the right thing and let the police know where to find him. Here’s another look at him:

Obviously this scumbag needs to be found ASAP and when he does, the hero who came to the little girl’s rescue needs to be rewarded too. Seeing how terrified the girl was in that second video was heartbreaking. Who knows what else she might have gone through if that absolute legend of a woman and her mum hadn’t gone looking for her. Big respect to the hero’s little sister too who witnessed the abduction on her way to school in the first place and was responsible enough to tell an adult. Fucking bravo, seriously.

Update – it appears like they may be closing in on him, though I’m not sure what to make of this video really:

There’s a name and address doing the rounds on social media as well but we probably shouldn’t be sharing that. Let’s hope that video above is suggestive of an imminent arrest so we can get this creep off the streets by the end of the day.

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