AT&T Girl Breaks Down On Instagram Live Over People Commenting On Her Boobs

The internet is a weird, weird place.

So for those who don’t know, AT&T is a phone service provider over in the States and the girl they’ve been using in their adverts has proven to be quite popular.

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Meet “Lily Adams”:

Apparently she’s been starring in AT&T commercials for a few years now but for some reason, the internet has only now just become obsessed with her out of nowhere. And not for her acting or sales skills either. Get a load of some of these comments and the engagement on them:

… You get the picture.

The comments from weirdos commenting on Lily’s “juicy milkers” got so bad that AT&T actually had to disable comments on this video on Instagram:

The video has over a million views (way more than AT&T ever usually get – I mean they’re a phone service provider ffs) and 23,000+ comments before they were turned off. And all because of these uncontrollably horny creeps letting their freak flags fly.

Milana Vayntrub (the actress who plays Lily Adams) even turned off the comments on her own Instagram page because naturally, the internet tracked her down.

Milana went on IG live last night to speak out on the situation and let’s just say she isn’t a fan of the comments or the attention, understandably:

I mean it’s pretty tragic if you think about it. This girl is in such a weird spot right now getting all this attention and all because she has giant boobs. Seeing those same comments directed at an Instagram model or an OnlyFans girl might be amusing (and indeed appreciated by the recipient), but for a woman doing an advert for a phone provider? Not quite the same thing, especially when you see how distressed she is over it.

Unfortunately asking for the internet to stop commenting usually results in more of the same behaviour, but who knows, maybe these trolls have got their fill already. The internet is a weird, weird place for sure.

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