These ASOS Men’s Crop Tops And Boob Tubes Are What All Men Will Be Wearing This Summer

Be the King of the Beach.

As a man, I’ve never really been interested in wearing a crop top or a boob tube, but looking at these pictures from ASOS’s new summer range for men, I may just be a little bit tempted.

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Imagine rocking up to the beach wearing one these crop tops and the other men’s must-have item for summer 2019 – denim speedos. OK your disgusting belly might be out for the world to see but remember, it’s 2019 so we’re all about that #bodypositivity and letting the flab hang loose. If you don’t like it, move along. Me and the boys are gonna be looking like the kings of the beach in our brand new ASOS summer wear.

Not many on social media seem to be on board with it, though:

But wait, perhaps the wokest take of the lot:

I wonder if we are now a little bit closer to a world where men can wear sundresses without others passing judgement? Oh boy!

I’m about to reserve myself one those Steve Buscemi sundresses in anticipation. Can’t wait!


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