Daniel Radcliffe Is Being Roasted Online For Throwing JK Rowling Under The Bus In Trans Debate

It’s getting messy.

There’s a very touchy debate raging on Twitter at the moment over the phrase ‘trans women are women’, with those who support the phrase claiming there is no difference between being trans and biologically female and the opposite side insisting it’s important to keep the distinction so as not to invalidate experiences unique to biological women, for medical reasons and otherwise.

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JK Rowling is on the latter side of the debate and caused unbelievable outrage the other week when she Tweeted that biological sex is real, and what shocked a lot of people is that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe popped up and basically threw her under the bus with his own views on the subject:

Obviously Daniel Radcliffe is entitled to his opinion, but many women on Twitter suggested he hadn’t actually done any research or thought this through and was only speaking up to distance himself from any backlash (since his career is so associated with JK Rowling & Harry Potter).

That got #askdanielradcliffe trending, where he’s being asked to elaborate on the matter but mainly is just having the mickey taken out of him:

The anti-JK Rowling section of Twitter is slamming every woman getting involved with the #askdanielradcliffe hashtag as a transphobe or TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist), but I don’t know, they do raise some good points. In fact that seems to be the whole point to me – is that you can support trans lives and rights without having to pretend there’s no difference between a woman and trans woman.

Worth nothing there are plenty (a majority?) of trans women in agreement with JK Rowling that sex is real and don’t see it as a negative that there is a distinction between trans and biological women. Perhaps that’s the problem here – that many misconstrue acknowledgment of the distinction as a diss to trans people, which it definitely isn’t and shouldn’t be. Either way, would’ve been cool of Radcliffe to also condemn some of the shocking abuse and messages being sent Rowling’s way. Where would he even be without her?

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