Asda Worker Tries To Kick Woman Out Of Shop Because She Was ‘Basically Naked’

Out of order.

Welp, not a great look for Asda who, in fairness, quickly replied to Jaiah’s Tweet clarifying that the employee was talking absolute bollocks…

Sounds like some Asda vouchers coming Jaiah’s way! Good on her for calling this prat out and making a fuss about it. Not that I really understood what he was trying to say but it’s clear he had a problem with the way she was dressed. Can’t be having these types of primitive attitudes in our supermarkets in 2021 can we? Just a shame she sort of left us on a cliffhanger there instead of filming the rest of the interaction when the manager presumably showed up.

Can’t help but think this would have been A+ promotion for Jaiah’s OnlyFans too (if she had one). Missed a trick there.

For the furious dad who forced his son to apologise to Asda staff after he threatened to ‘cut them up’, click HERE. Classic.


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