Asda Is Now Selling Orange Flavoured After Eights


There’s a major fashion for taking the foods and snacks that we love and adding some kind of fusion/twist to them at the moment and the latest chocolate bar to benefit from this trend are After Eights.

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It could be argued that After Eights are pretty much perfect as they are – mainly due to that sexy advertising campaign from the 90s – but it’s always great to try new things so what about an orange version of the famous after dinner treat? This is what Asda is now offering as an exclusive purchase for just £2, although they’re only available in store at the moment and not online. This should be rectified in time for Christmas though.

So what do you think? I’m not really sure about an orange flavoured After Eight to be honest, I reckon the flavours would contradict each other and not work at all but like I said earlier I’m always open to trying new things. Will check them out if I get a chance and report back.

For more of the same, check out this chocolate orange flavour gin that is available on Amazon. Now that is something I can definitely get behind.


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