A Cut Price Zero Sugar Chocolate Orange Flavour Gin Is Available On Amazon

Oh boy.

Another day and another incredible food collaboration/offer that you just aren’t going to be able to resist because it’s such good value and sounds absolutely delicious.

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This time we’ve got Amazon and more specifically the Boutique-y Gin Company to thank for the Chocolate Orange Flavour Gin that’s currently on sale there – here’s the description if the name of it doesn’t convince you to part with your hard earned cash immediately:

It combines the richness of chocolate, the refreshing qualities of oranges and the deliciousness of gin to form something terrific – Chocolate Orange Gin!

Bitter orange peels and roast cacao nibs get all up in the mix during distillation, alongside some traditional gin botanicals, lending the spirit distinctive notes that’ll be familiar to lovers of the classic confectionery.

It smells like Chocolate cake made with orange essence in the batter. Touches of peppery juniper cut through the sweetness.

It astes like fresh clementine and enjoyably bitter cacao intermingle at the core, while floral elements bring lightness to the mixture.

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Wow whoever did the copywriting on that certainly knows how to get you excited about something. Give them a raise right now.

It doesn’t seem like there’s ever going to be a better time to check it out than now as well because Amazon are currently selling it for just £21.95, which is a huge 35% off its RRP of £33.95. It also contains zero sugar so even if you were worried about putting on a bit of weight before your big summer holiday you don’t even have to think about that either.

The time is now basically people, especially with payday just a couple of days away. Go for it.

For more of the same, check out one of the world’s best gins available to buy in Aldi for just a tenner. Treat yo’self.


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