Asda Are Selling A Cheese Advent Calendar

Cheese Advent Calendar

For all you cheese lovers.

Advent is a special time of year for everyone as you slowly count down the days until Christmas and the day when you can finally open all your presents.

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When you were a kid you used to get a chocolate advent calendar to help you do this and increase the fun, but now if you’re an adult then you probably think that’s a bit juvenile, which is probably why Asda have decided to release a cheese advent calendar in order to appeal to the older generation. The calendar will include 24 cheeses from five different varieties, including Jarlsberg, Applewood, mature Cheddar, red Leicester cheese, and wensleydale. Delicious.

The calendar also has a neat packaging idea for freeing up space in your fridge (yeah, you have to keep in your fridge but I suppose that makes sense) as it can ripped in half once the first half of cheeses are eaten. Nice.

They’re available from all Asda stores on November 6th, which is plenty of time to pick one up before advent begins. Fantastic news.

For more advent calendars, check out this gin one as well. Danger.


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