ASDA Are Releasing A Christmas Dinner Pizza

Roast Dinner Pizza

Deck the halls.

A couple of days ago we posted about how some restaurant somewhere was bringing out a limited edition Christmas dinner pizza and people were excited about it, but obviously it had its limitations as not everyone was going to be able to visit said restaurant. I mean I can’t even remember where it was and I wrote about it.

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Anyway, it seems like I don’t need to know either because ASDA have decided to bring out the Christmas dinner pizza and it’s gonna be way less time and effort to get that one than the one from this restaurant. Probably way less delicious too, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

The pizza will come in two different sizes – a 10 inch that sets you back just £2.30 and a 14 inch that’ll cost you a bargainous £3.50 – and will feature the following toppings: turkey, pigs in blankets, two different cheeses and sage & stuffing balls, all topped off with a sachet of cranberry sauce. Not really sure what two different cheeses have to do with Christmas dinner, but everything else seems AOK there I reckon. Not sure about cranberry sauce all over it though either. Whole thing sounds kinda rank to be honest but I suppose you gotta try these things in the spirit of Christmas and limited edition. Let me know how you get on with it.

For more of the same, check out that restaurant version I was banging on about. Might actually be able to remember where it was as well.


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