Artist Paints Portrait Of Jesus Using Greggs Sausage Roll

Jesus Greggs Picture


You probably remember the story last week about everyone kicking off because Greggs dared to replace the baby Jesus with a sausage roll in their new Advent calendar.

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It kinda felt like people really couldn’t take a joke – and they really couldn’t – but one young artist decided to use it as inspiration for his next piece, deciding to paint a picture of Jesus himself using a Greggs sausage roll and some ketchup. Beautiful.

When asked why he decided to do it, 28 year old Nathan Wyburn said the following:

I just couldn’t help myself – especially when I found out that Lord Jesus backwards sounds like sausage roll.

It’s just great humour on behalf of Greggs and I think it’s genius marketing. It’s a shame everyone is so quick to get offended in this day and age – just have a little humour.

I try to convey that in a lot of my works and this certainly was an interesting one to make.

I’ve never painted using a sausage roll instead of a paint brush before, it was quite fun. And of course I had to eat it afterwards.

Bet it tasted even better than a regular sausage roll though. In fairness to the guy though, the picture is actually pretty damn good and it’s served to highlight how ridiculous the whole beef with the original Advent Calendar picture was in the first place. I rate it.

If you didn’t see the original ridiculous Greggs post in the Advent Calendar, click here. One of the funniest images of the year no doubt.



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