This Article Shows In Black And White That Donald Trump Ripped His Slogan Directly From Adolf Hitler


Terrifying minds think alike.

Donald Trump’s support from the far-right has been undeniable since his rise to power in the US election. Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke even offered endorsement to the President-elect (despite Trump not actually knowing who he is).

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I guess that’s what you get for leading the hate train on Muslims, Mexicans and pretty much any racial group that doesn’t fit into Trump’s selective group of “acceptable” US citizens. The KKK are obviously going to agree.

But while countless people have already pointed out just how terrifying Trump’s rise to power has been, the historical parallels to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime have been shockingly similar. Case in point: this article taken from 1934, which explained how Hitler promised to, “make Germany great again.” Does that ring any bells to you?


The article was part of a series on “Modern Leaders of Men” and it tells the story of the rise of Hitler, first explaining that people initially thought his ideas were a joke. However, he soon took advantage of Germany’s dissatisfaction with their lives in society. Those bells are getting louder.


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While Hitler never merchandised his slogan, it certainly does drive home how similar the Nazi uprising was to the way Trump is using his campaign to promote hatred and separatism between Caucasian and Muslim Americans. In fact, it’s shockingly comparable. Is this the start to the modern world Trumpist uprising? I wouldn’t put it past him. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Just be ready to join the resistance when it does.

The only difference between Trump and Hitler is that Trump is not a vegetarian, as proven by this messed up picture, which shows that the future President of the free world eats his KFC with a knife and fork. What the actual fuck?


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